Online Directory of Women’s Media

— About the Directory —

     This is a directory of media owned and operated primarily by, for and about women. We do not include men’s “women’s magazines” (magazines directed at women), even if they have a female staff. We do include many academic periodicals which are published by institutions, but only those where women determine content and make up the majority of the staff. If a woman’s media feels it fits our definition, we usually include them.
     The first print edition of our annual Directory of Women’s Media came out January 1975. Our last print edition is the 2017 Directory of Women’s Media.  We launched this online version in 2001.

— Contents —

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— Editor —

Martha Leslie Allen

— 2017 Contributing Editors —

Andreea Barb, Arya Boris, Lauren Garczynski,
Srujana Sinha, Sunaya Padmanabhan

Earlier Contributing Editors:
Angelica Sisson, Lucy Lu, Briawna Gillespie, Natasha Mirza, Cherrie Yu
Kavya Padmanabhan, Riley Horan, Helena Leslie, Yaara Elazari,
Danielle Maldonado, Tanya Smith-Sreen, Sandy Somchanmavong,
Nikki Clemons, Cheyane Reisner

— Special Thanks —

To Andreea Barb for her idea and implementation of converting the directory categories to easily accessed PDFs.

The following are women’s periodicals that have generously sent us complimentary issues or subscriptions. This allows us to become familiar with the publication as well as to search for other women’s media and women’s media news. Thank you!

Canadian Woman Studies / les cahiers de la femme, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Countrywoman, Working with Women Worldwide, London, UK

Feminist Media Studies, Taylor & Francis, P.O. Box 25, Abingdon, Oxon, Ox14 3UE, UK

GROOTS, Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood (South Asia), Chennai, India

Mother Warriors Voice (formerly Welfare Mothers Voice), A Paper By, For and About Mothers In Poverty, Milwaukee, WI, USA