Women’s Media

This page lists links to our work on various types of Women’s Media. Each page is packed full of different content, so feel free to explore.

  • The Online Directory of Women’s Media is media owned and operated primarily by, for and about women. The directory is available online and free of charge. It includes listings and descriptions of different women’s periodicals, publishers, media organizations, film and video groups, radio groups, bookstores, media websites, news services, and listserves. You can also order one of our 15 annual print editions 1975-1989, resumed 2001-present, by clicking here.
  • The Women’s Media List is a compilation of print periodicals by, and about, women (1848-present). We are continuing to compile this listing and welcome additions of early media that we are unaware existed, as well as current media not already included. While there are undoubtedly many that we are not aware of throughout the world, we are eager to share the over 25 hundred that we do know about.
  • The History of Women’s Media page includes eight chapters of research done by directory of the Women’s institute for Freedom of the Press. It is titled The Development of Communication Networks Among Women, 1963-1983 and is available on our website free of charge.
  • Women and Media Award ~ Information about WIFP’s annual award with names of recipients.