Historic Originals

The goal for the Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press Historical Originals Program is to make available originals of early and pioneering media of the current women’s movement, as long as supplies last. We want to get them into libraries, archives and individual private collections where they can be shared by women of the present and future and where they can be written about by historians, be examined by students, scholars, and provide inspiration for today’s movement. See below for a list and details of our historic originals.

Some of our Historic Originals will be given away complimentary to attendees of our 45th Anniversary Celebration in early 2017. Inquire for more information.


Media Report To Women


Media Report to Women, published since 1972, is packed full of information about women and media nationally and internationally. It includes monitoring studies, statistics, legal action, agreements negotiated between media and women’s organizations, new periodicals and media businesses, film, video, records, etc., and ideas and philosophies on redefining ” news,” differences between male journalism and female journalism, and how to increase the effectiveness of media to keep the public aware of women’s news/information. And more.

Media Report to Women was edited by Dr. Donna Allen from its founding in 1972 until 1987 when its new publisher took over.

(For information about Media Report to Women since September 1987, contact its new publisher: Communications Research Associates, Inc., 38091 Beach Road, P.O. Box 180, Colton’s Point, MD 20626-0180, Tel: (301) 769-3899. It is still the only subscription periodical providing such information and general news about women in media.)

Back volumes and issues of Media Report to Women 1972-1987. Dr. Donna Allen, Editor.

Per Volume (one volume per calendar year, except Vol. 1 covers 1972-1973) ………. $25.00

Back issues 1972-1982, monthly (except 1972-1973), each……..$5.00
1983 through August 1987, bimonthly, each ………. $4.00

Special Issue on New York Times’ women employees’ sex discrimination suit against the Times ………. $2.00 ($2 shipping)


Plus $2 ea. single copies S/H and/or $8 ea. per volume S/H.

Three 5-Year Annotated Indexes to Media Report to Women
First Five-Year Index, 1972-1976 ………. $5.00
Second Five-Year Index, 1977-1981 ……… $5.00
Third Five-Year Index, 1982-1986 ……….$5.00
Index for 1987 Issues ……….. $3.50

Plus $5 shipping and handling (for each Index).


Directory of Women’s Media (and Index/Directory of Women’s Media) early editions

Edited by Martha Leslie Allen

$12 each (plus shipping) Issues before 1987 include an Index of Media Report to Women. First edition was 1975. (Limited copies of various editions.)



The Celibate Woman, A Journal for Women Who Are Celibate or Considering This Liberating Way of Relating to Others

Edited by Martha Allen, 1982 -1988,
8 issues for $25.00 (plus $8 shipping & handling)


Syllabus Sourcebook on Media and Women
68 course outlines with reading lists ………. $5.50 (plus $5 shipping & handling)



New Directions for Women: Two Cumulative Indexes, Paula Kassell, Editor



Twelve Year Cumulative Index, 1982-1993

(January/February 1982 through September/October 1993………..$25 plus $8 shipping

Ten-Year Cumulative Index

Volumes 1 through 10 (January 1972 through November/December 1981)…….$10 plus $8 shipping

(limited copies)


No More Fun and Games, A Journal of Female Liberation
First radical women’s journal of theory and analysis with classic articles. Published by Cell 16, Boston, from 1968 through 1973. Contributors include Roxanne Dunbar, Dana Densmore, Betsy Warrior, Jayne West, Abby Rockefeller, Marilyn Terry, Lisa Leghorn, Ellen O’Donnell, Donna Allen, Hilary Langhorst, Patricia Murphy Robinson, Jeanne Lafferty, Gail Murray, Stella Kingsbury, Mary Ann Weathers, Indra Allen, Eleni Porphyry, Jessie Bernard, Robin Morgan, and others.

These are the original journals (except for Issue #1, which was reprinted in the 1980’s), long unavailable and very rare. Green Lion Press has obtained a few boxes of complete sets and will distribute them until they are gone.


Set includes: Females and Liberation: a collection of articles by Dana Densmore. – August 1970. The famous red anthology: Who Claims Men are the Enemy?, Chivalry: The Iron Hand in the Velvet Glove, More Slain Girls, Speeh is the Form of Thought, Tarzan Had Long Hair Too, and Without You and Within You.

Distributed by Green Lion Press while they last. Click here for more information and to order.


Paid My Dues, A Journal of Women and Music
The first feminist journal of women and music.

Founder Dorothy Dean. Few remaining issues, all originals, for libraries and private collections: all issues for $20 (plus $5 shipping/handling). Inquire for more information







Houston Breakthrough, Where Women Are News


November 1977. Historic news coverage on the National Women’s Conference from Houston Breakthrough “where women are news.” Inquire for details.








Black Belt Woman: The Magazine of Woman in the Martial Arts and Self Defense.
Published and edited by Dana Densmore, 1975 -1976

Available in our library for researchers.


To order historic originals or for more information on them, contact the WIFP at:

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