Directory of Women’s Media

The Directory of Women’s Media is available online as well as in print.

Notice: The 2017 edition is the last print edition of the Directory of Women’s Media.

 media-directoryThis is a directory of media owned and operated primarily by, for and about women. There are hundreds of women’s media entries included in the directory: print and online periodicals, publishers, media organizations, news services, radio groups, film & video groups, music groups, theater & art groups, media websites, bookstores, email lists and bloggers.
In the 1970’s and ’80’s, the Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press published 15 annual print editions of the Directory of Women’s Media. The National Council for Research on Women, in New York, published two more editions in the early 1990’s. Beginning again in 2002, WIFP began publishing the annual directory of periodicals, publishers, media organizations, and other media categories. We’ve published 31 editions, the first one in 1975. This 2017 edition is our last print Directory of Women’s Media. Since 2001, the Directory has also been available on the WIFP website with no access charge.

2017 Directory of Women’s Media  (ISBN: 0-930470-37-0 / ISSN: 1040-1156)


Information about the Directory and about the Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press (WIFP)

Part I:  International directory of media by and about women:

print periodicals / internet ‘zines / publishers / media organizations / news services / radio groups / film and video goups / music groups and websites / theater/art groups and websites / media websites / bookstores / email lists / media bloggers

Part II:  Media Philosophy Section


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A limited number of back issues of the Directory of Women’s Media are also available: annual 1975-1989 and 2002 up to current issue. Please contact us for inquiries about back issues.

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