Booklet Series

The three most recent booklets are freely available as PDF (2016, 2015, and 2014)

Weaving Our Way: Personal Stories of Identity

By Elana Anderson, Sandy Somchanmavong, Tanya Smith-Sreen, Danielle Maldonado, Clare Verbeten, Kavya Padmanabhan, Cherrie Yu, and Martha Allen

June 2016

Available as a PDF:

Weaving Our Way

Booklet Cover:

Weaving our way Cover


Beyond Conflict: Women in the Middle East

By Yarra Elazari and Abeer Shehadeh
with Martha Allen, Cherrie Yu, Kavya Padmanabhan, Riley Horan and Helena Leslie
July 2015

Available as a PDF:

Beyond Conflict: Women in the Middle East

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Cover Booklet


Women’s Voices for Peace and Justice in the Middle East

By Noa Shusterman and Karma AbuAyyash
July 2014

Available as a PDF:

Women’s Voices for Peace and Justice in the Middle East

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Peace and Justice Cover



Women’s Media: Print Periodicals

Celebrating women's media Graphic

Booklet in celebration of WIFP’s 40th Anniversary! – 2012

ISBN: 0-93047

ISSN: 1040-1156

Martha Allen, Editor
Founding Editors: Samantha Young, Sara Friedman, Rebecca Little, Elisha Sum, Emilia Ninova, Trent Schwartz and Martha Allen

This is a compilation of approximately 2,500 print periodicals by and about women since the earliest known periodical in 1848. We are continuing to add more listings to the online version and will update the print edition periodically. The online version is free to access here.

Media women depicted in the cover drawing (famous and should be famous): Ida B. Wells, Angela Davis, Sunita Viswanath, Andrea Dworkin (top)
Maurine Beasley, Frieda Werden, Gloria Steinem, Lucinda Marshall (front, lower)

Price to order:
Individuals: $10
Institutions: $20
(plus $5 shipping & handling)

Size: 8 1/2 x 14
(Larger in size than our other booklets.)
64 pages – spiral bound

Media Democracy: Past, Present, and Future

image125 1

ISBN: 0-930470-20-6

Edited by: Julia Beizer, Ann Keller, and Joanne Lipson, 2002

Production Editor: Pamela Bradshaw

$10 (plus $3 shipping and handling)
Five or more copies $7 each (30% off) plus S&H ($3 first copy, 50 cents each additional copy)

In celebration of our thirty-year anniversary, WIFP published the sixth booklet in the Booklet Series, Media Democracy: Past, Present, and Future.

In honor of our three decades of work in media democracy, the first third of the booklet remembers and celebrates our first thirty years. In this retrospective, we look at the various endeavors WIFP has accomplished. From Media Report to Women to the Satellite Teleconferences, WIFP has, without many financial resources, pulled off some pretty amazing undertakings. We celebrate these accomplishments as first steps down the long road to media democracy.

In the next segment of the booklet, we examine our present. What does “media democracy” mean today? How accountable is the mass media and the institutions that are set up to keep it in check? We look at how smaller independent and women’s media cover women’s issues. We examine how growing technologies like the Internet enable the expansion of more voices both nationally and internationally. We also examine current issues of today that need a women’s media to represent them because the mass media is not doing an accurate job.

In the final segment, we look to the future.

Media Without Democracy and What To Do About It


By: Dr. Donna Allen

for $5 (plus $2 shipping and handling)

ISBN: 0-930470-15-X

Media Without Democracy is a dynamic approach to a media problem facing all Americans, whatever their political convictions.

It describes in realistic and clear terms how the First Amendment’s “freedom of the press went off the track not long after the country’s founders wrote it into the U.S. Constitution.” It describes the damaging effects of two wholly unexpected subsequent developments, one in the 1830s and the other more recent. The first put the right to freedom of the press on the basis of money. The later development saw the First Amendment right to press freedom as a corporate media right to speak for others, claiming that corporate role was the nation’s free press and to serve a public utility function. The corporate owners’ judgment of what the public “needs to know” was substituted for the citizens’ own judgment of what their information needs.

The second part of this 50-page booklet, Media Without Democracy And What To Do About It, proposes four ways people can restore the First Amendment free press right.

What’s Wrong with the Mass Media for the Women Half of the Population — Re-building the System

Compiled by: Alison Hardin, WIFP Associate, 1993
$2 (plus 50 cents S&H)

This booklet illustrates the issues on which we made and are making progress: the survival issues (health, safety, peace), the economic issues for our independence, the political issues for assuring our progress, and the media issues by which to continue the progress.

A National Citizens’ Network of Radio and Television

By Eleanor Messenger Stiling, WIFP Associate
for $2 (plus 50 cents shipping and handling)

The answer to campaign spending abuses. First proposed as an initiative for the California ballot in 1980, it is even more timely today and in keeping with the First Amendment could end once and for all campaign spending abuses.

The Source of Power for Women: A Strategy to Equalize Media Outreach

By Dr. Donna Allen
for $2 (plus 50 cents shipping and handling)

This booklet is a presentation by Donna Allen to the ” First World Summit on Women and the Many Dimensions of Power” Montreal, Quebec Canada, June 3-8 1990. The Summit was held with the participation of women from some 40 countries on all continents to encourage “worldwide collective action in order that women permeate all the spheres of power in the hope of bringing about a new vision. Their vision.”

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