We greatly appreciate financial support of our work. 

Financial donations go directly to our work as we do not have a paid staff. The Directors and staff all contribute their time, as do interns. Associates, as well, donate their time and efforts on various projects. In the past, some of our projects have received funding grants (such as the satellite teleconferencing with the World Decade Conferences of Women). We are able to defray some of the costs of our publications through sales. We try to keep our ongoing expenses (office and computer supplies, printing and website) to a minimum. Contributions to WIFP are tax-deductible. Please click the donate button below to contribute.

Prefer to send a check rather than donate online? Please send to WIFP, 1940 Calvert Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009-1502. We will send you a tax-exemption letter thanking you for your contribution.directors

Sustaining Supporters

A special thanks to our wonderful sustaining supporters who contribute $10 – $20 a month to help us meet our day to day expenses. If you would like to be a sustaining supporter, we would be delighted. Sustaining supporters give annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly. 


Extra appreciation to these fine supporters who make our work possible

Dr. Maurine Beasley
Dana Densmore
Howard Fisher
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Dorothy Dean
Rev. Cheryl Cornish
Mark Allen
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Elizabeth Shepard
Dr. Carolyn Byerly
Kimberly Kranich
Terry Lueck
Dr. Michael Honey
Vivian Ubell, C.S.W.
Dr. Danna Walker
Elsie Gutchess
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Dr. Sue Kaufman
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