The Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press has been working for 45 years for media democracy and media justice. Below are some of our accomplishments.


  • Founded and published Media Report to Women from 1972-1987 on “what women are thinking and doing to make the world’s communications media more democratic.” Edited by Dr. Donna Allen.
  • Publishes the annual print Directory of Women’s Media, edited by Martha Leslie Allen, to increase communication among women nationally and internationally in a variety of media forms such as periodicals, publishers, news services, music, film, art and others. (1975-1989 and 2001-present). Online version available on our website (free to access).
  • Conducted seven conferences at the National Press Club in the 1970s and 1980s on “Planning a National and International Communications System for Women.”
  • Held two international satellite teleconferences from the U.N. World Conference of Women of the U.N. Decade for Women, in Copenhagen in 1980 and Nairobi in 1985.
  • Publishes the annual print periodical Voices for Media Democracy (also available as PDF on the website).
  • “Women and Media Award” given to those who have made outstanding media contributions on behalf of women.
  • Hold regular media and women events. For instance WIFP held a 45th Anniversary Reception after the huge Women’s March January 21, 2017. In 2016 six speakers presented on topics related to women and the media in July, and in February WIFP and Global Woman sponsored Dr. Tobe Leven speak about FGM.  In 2015 “Women’s Words Now” featured writers and artists; Dr. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz received WIFP’s “Women and Media Award” and spoke about her book An Indigenous People’s History of the United States; “Beyond Conflict: Women in Palestine and Israel” featured leaders from Palestine and Israel.  In 2014: In April, publisher Dr. Tobe Levin gave an outstanding presentation on Female Genital Mutilation. In July, an excellent talk by Ann Wright was the centerpiece of the program “Women’s Voices for Peace and Justice in the Middle East.”
  • Historical documents of the Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press can be found at the Women and Media Collection: Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press and Dr. Donna Allen, WIFP Founder