Net Neutrality at Risk: Support Mobilizing Now

On May 18th the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai launched a proceeding that threatens Net Neutrality. Once again individuals and organizations have mobilized to prevent the open-internet protections from being undermined.


Prior to the FCC meeting advocates for an open internet held a rally outside the FCC headquarters in support of Title II Net Neutrality rules. Speakers included Sen. Ed Markey, Sen. Ron Wyden, Rep. Barbara Lee and Rep. Jared Polis.


Organizations actively supporting Net Neutrality include the Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press, Free Press, the Center for Media Justice, Color of Change, CREDO Action, #AllOfUs, American Family Voices, Battle for the Net, Climate Hawks Vote, Common Cause, Corporate Accountability International, Courage Campaign, Daily Kos, Demand Progress, Democracy for America, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Fight for the Future, Free Press Action Fund, Civic Action, Mozilla, Other 98%, OpenMedia, PEN America, People’s Action, People Demanding Action, People For the American Way,, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Progressive Congress Action Fund, Public Knowledge, Rainforest Action Network,, The Nation and Win Without War.FCC5.18.17

Under the Obama administration, the FCC came out in support of Net Neutrality after millions of people spoke in favor of an open internet. Now under the Republicans, the protections are at risk. Already over a million comments and signatures have been submitted opposing Chairman Pai’s scheme. Activists are mobilizing others to speak out to the FCC and Congress since we don’t have much time to prevent the overturning of the protections.


This summer will be devoted to making sure we do not lose our free and open internet. WIFP will be a part of a national effort to make sure we do not lose our ability to communicate with each other and throughout the world via  the open internet. Join us or any of the many organizations that will be leading these efforts.